Nurse Aide   1

Topics taught in the curriculum are approved by the Ohio Department of Health. This course is offered several times throughout the school year.

Course costs are based on the 2018-2019 school year and are subject to change.

     Total Cost:                            $918
       Tuition & Fees:                    $559
       Books & Uniforms:             $86
       Other costs:                         $198
       WorkKeys Assessment:      $75

Certifications available:       STNA, CNA

CIP Code:                               51.3902 Nursing Assistant / Aide

SOC Code:                             31-9097.00

Please see the list of upcoming classes for specific start and end dates as well as class days and times.

This course requires the following WorkKeys scores:
     Workplace Documents     3 or higher
     Applied Math          3 or higher
     Graphic Literacy          3 or higher

Day/Times:--TBD-- TBD
Cost: $ 0
Hours: 77.00
Instructor: Angela Larson
Class ID:PWY-NurseAide
Seats Available:14