Introduction to Personal Computers


Introduction to Personal Computers         5

This course introduces the novice PC user to: the basic hardware components of a desktop or laptop computer; a mid-level view of key components of Windows 10; and how to use Windows 10 components and features to navigate and use the internet safely.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify and describe hardware differences between desktop and laptop computers,
  • Identify and describe hardware components;
  • Describe and navigate the Windows 10 environment,
  • Describe and navigate the Windows 10 file system,
  • Customize the user interface and end-user experience,
  • Install and remove devices following manufacturer’s instructions,
  • Install and remove applications following manufacturer’s instructions,
  • Launch and use installed applications and system services,
  • Search the local PC environment using Windows Search and Cortana,
  • Describe and implement basic Windows 10 Security functions and services,
  • Identify different internet browsers for the PC,
  • Use Microsoft’s Edge to search the internet,
  • Access Internet services like email and calendar,


Microsoft Excel 2013 - Intermediate


Microsoft Excel 2013 - Intermediate         3

This course builds on the Excel 2013 Basic level course and familiarizes the student with key Intermediate topics like: working with multiple worksheets, advanced formatting, working with outlines and subtotals, cell and range naming and working with tables.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Link worksheets by using 3-D formulas,
  • Apply special and custom number formats,
  • Create an outline and consolidate data,
  • Define and apply cell and range names,
  • Sort data by columns,
  • Save and publish worksheets as a web page,
  • Format data points in charts,
  • Use auditing features.


Google: G Suite


Google: G Suite         9

In this course, the student will learn to use Google's cloud-based productivity suite of tools to improve their own productivity. The student will learn to:

  • Navigate in the Google Apps environment,
  • Store documents by using Google Drive,
  • Collaborate with Google Docs, Slides and Drawings,
  • Collaborate with Google Sheets and Forms,
  • Communicate using Google Hangouts,
  • Manage schedules using Google Calendars,
  • Collaborate by using Google Sites.